Product description  Price per unit
 Rebars  1 USD
 H-beams  1 USD
 C-channels and U-channels  1 USD
 Rails  1 USD
 Hot-rolled square, round, and hexagonal rods  1 USD
 Hot-rolled metal sheets  1 USD
 Cold-rolled metal sheets  1 USD
 Tread plates  1 USD
 Perforated steel sheets  1 USD
 Corrugated profiled sheets for siding and roofing  1 USD
 Hot-rolled steel strips  1 USD
 Welded round seamless tubes  1 USD
 Square tubes  1 USD
 Angles  1 USD
 Hot-rolled wire rods  1 USD
 Chain-link fence with polymer coating and without coating  1 USD
 Barbed wire for fences  1 USD